4 Signs It’s Time to Inspect Your Drainage System

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4 Signs It’s Time to Inspect Your Drainage System

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When was the last time you had your catch basins cleaned? If you don’t remember, it’s probably time to get it scheduled. We recommend having them cleaned once a year.

Drainage systems are designed to transfer water from a non pervious surface, such as asphalt or concrete pavements, into an area that will absorb, retain, or direct the water away. In our Introduction to Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement continuing education class, we explain how water caused erosion and poor drainage are common reasons why asphalt fails. As with any other regular maintenance, routine drain cleaning extends the lifespan of your parking lot and helps ensure a properly functioning drainage system if a severe weather event threatens the area.

There are various types of drainage structures, but from the top they generally look the same with only the frame and grate visible. At this point, we can start to identify possible issues with the drainage system.

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Here are some indicators that it’s time to inspect your drainage system:

  1. The catch basin rattles, indicating there may need to be maintenance to the structure:

    When a catch basin rattles, the movement between the frame and grate sends out vibrations. The energy from those vibrations can cause damage to the concrete mortar holding the frame and grate to the bricks or to the basin structure or cause damage to the mortar between the bricks.

  2. There is severe cracking in the pavement around the catch basin frame and grate:

    Water intrusion into the cracks may undermine the adjacent asphalt and base material, which can lead to more breaks and cracks where water can enter and create potholes in the asphalt surface.

  3. There is settling in the pavement surface in a direct line between catch basins:

    This could indicate structural damage in the underground pipes between the catch basins.

  4. You see debris in the basin, ex: sand, gravel, leaves, grasses, or plants growing in the catch basin:

    Visible debris in the basin can lead to clogs and slow drainage. It can also be an indicator of structural damage, as mentioned above.

An ill performing drainage system can cause flooding in your parking lot and damage your asphalt pavement investment.

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