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40 Year Inspections

M.A. Construction Group offers assistance with 40 Year Inspections throughout all of South Florida. We are fully licensed and insured.

Does my building need recertification?

In Miami-Dade County, 40-year inspections are required for all buildings except for:

  • single-family homes
  • duplexes
  • buildings that have an occupant load of 10 or less
  • buildings under 2,000 square feet or less

In Broward County, the 40 year inspection policy applies to all buildings except:

  • one and two-family dwellings
  • U.S. and State of Florida government buildings
  • schools under the jurisdiction of the Broward County School Board
  • buildings built on Native American reservations
  • all buildings under 3,500 square feet

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What can I expect during the recertification process?

In general, the recertification process begins at 40 years and every 10 year interval thereafter. For properties needing recertification, the property owners will receive a Notice of Required Recertification to start this process. They have 90 days from the date of notice to submit the recertification reports to the city or county.

Depending on the results of the inspection, the building will either be recertified for an additional 10 years or it will require repairs. If repairs or improvements are required, the property owner will be given a specified amount of time to complete such repairs.

Non-compliance with the inspection notice or not completing required repairs may result in penalties.

40 year inspections

What does an inspection include?

Inspections can only be performed by licensed architects or engineers. These industry experts look at many aspects of the building including but not limited to:

  • foundation
  • electrical systems
  • roofing systems
  • masonry bearing walls
  • steel frames
  • flooring
  • concrete framing systems
  • windows
  • parking lot lighting
  • emergency lighting

Please note that buildings in Broward and Miami Dade counties operating an electrical system greater than 400 amps now require additional thermal inspections by a certified Level II Thermographer in response to the Surfside building collapse.

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40 year inspections


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